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Archives for April 2007

New Bill Includes Half a Million Acres of Proposed Idaho Wilderness

Monday April 30, 2007 | Read More

TOBY ballots available in current TBF issue

Vote now for your favorite nominees.

Friday April 27, 2007 | Read More

Defenders of Wildlife turns 60 today

Wednesday April 25, 2007 | Read More

Vietnam and bear bile crime watch

Monday April 23, 2007 | Read More

EPA can regulate global warming emissions, says Supreme Court

Friday April 20, 2007 | Read More

WWF's Top Ten Rivers in Trouble

Wednesday April 18, 2007 | Read More

2007 Disney Teddy Bear and Doll Weekend in May

Convention coming up soon!

Friday April 13, 2007 | Read More

China's Congress champion's bear welfare

Thursday April 12, 2007 | Read More

ASPA turns 40 years old today

Tuesday April 10, 2007 | Read More

Yellowstone Grizzly Bears Delisted

Friday April 06, 2007 | Read More

WSPA teams up with Ebay for Charity

Wednesday April 04, 2007 | Read More

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