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Archives for June 2007

Bromley from Zucker Bears

Zucker Bears presents this red teddy bear.

Wednesday February 28, 2007 | Read More

Black Attic Teddy Bear from Steiff

Steiff presents this vintage looking teddy bear.

Tuesday February 27, 2007 | Read More

Jack from Sandy's Bearly Bruins

Sandy's Bearly Bruins presents this handsome teddy bear.

Monday February 26, 2007 | Read More

Large Grizzly Bear from Hansa

Hansa presents this huge grizzly bear.

Saturday February 24, 2007 | Read More

Steiff 1906 Beige Mohair Teddy Bear by Steiff

Steiff presents this good looking teddy bear.

Friday February 23, 2007 | Read More

Clarence from Knit with Love

Knit with Love presents this knit teddy bear.

Thursday February 22, 2007 | Read More

Hexie Jack Russell Terrier from Steiff

Steiff presents this Jack Russell terrier.

Wednesday February 21, 2007 | Read More

Fletcher from Apple Dumpling Bears

Apple Dumpling Bears presents this sweet teddy bear.

Tuesday February 20, 2007 | Read More

Checkers from Jare Hares and Bears

Jare Hares and Bears presents this adorable puppy.

Monday February 19, 2007 | Read More

Irish bear from Bears by Jodi

Bears by Jodi presents this Irish teddy bear.

Friday February 09, 2007 | Read More

Avery from C. Riffenberg Bear Co.

C. Riffenberg Bear Co. presents this charming teddy bear.

Thursday February 08, 2007 | Read More

Mitchell from Orange Blossom Bears

Orange Blossom Bears presents this fun little teddy bear.

Wednesday February 07, 2007 | Read More

Mungo Meerkat from Steiff

Steiff presents this meerkat.

Tuesday February 06, 2007 | Read More

Ichabod Bloomingdale from Bearly Sane Teddies

Bearly Sane presents this mischievious teddy bear.

Monday February 05, 2007 | Read More

Large Giraffe from Hansa

Hansa presents this very large giraffe.

Saturday February 03, 2007 | Read More

Paula from Fred-I-Bear

Fred-I-Bear presents this girly teddy bear.

Friday February 02, 2007 | Read More

Zoo Set Mohair from Steiff

Steiff presents this zoo full on animals.

Thursday February 01, 2007 | Read More

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