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Archives for June 2006

Bear Buzz will return after Christmas

Saturday December 23, 2006 | Read More

Angel with Wings from Steiff

Steiff presents this angel teddy bear.

Wednesday December 20, 2006 | Read More

Wellington from Jare Hares and Bears

Jare Hares and Bears presents this large teddy bear.

Tuesday December 19, 2006 | Read More

Sunflower from Apple Dumpling Bears

Apple Dumpling Bears presents this sunflower teddy bear.

Monday December 18, 2006 | Read More

Jewels from Steiff

Steiff presents this Swarovski teddy bear.

Saturday December 16, 2006 | Read More

Woodrow by C. Riffenberg Bear Co.

C. Riffenberg presents this patriotic teddy bear.

Friday December 15, 2006 | Read More

Mr. Bumble from Bears by Jodi

Bears by Jodi presents this buzzing teddy bear.

Thursday December 14, 2006 | Read More

Maggie from Knit With Love

Knit with Love presents this cute girl teddy bear.

Wednesday December 13, 2006 | Read More

Teddybear 35 yellow 1908 from Steiff

Steiff presents this yellow teddy bear.

Tuesday December 12, 2006 | Read More

School Daze from Zucker Bears

Zucker Bears presents this academic teddy bear.

Monday December 11, 2006 | Read More

Benny from Orange Blossom Bears

Orange Blossom Bears presents this blue teddy bear.

Saturday December 09, 2006 | Read More

Christopher Radko Teddy Bear from Steiff

Steiff presents this teddy bear pairing with Christopher Radko.

Friday December 08, 2006 | Read More

Norma Jean from Sandy's Bearly Bruins

Sandy's Bearly Bruins presents this lovely teddy bear.

Thursday December 07, 2006 | Read More

Christmas Teddy Bear with music box from Steiff

Steiff presents this Christmas teddy bear with music box.

Wednesday December 06, 2006 | Read More

Gus from Apple Dumpling Bears

Apple Dumpling Bears presents this little guy teddy bear.

Tuesday December 05, 2006 | Read More

Annabelle from Knit with Love

Knit with Love presents this darling teddy bear.

Monday December 04, 2006 | Read More

Mohair Teddy Bear Set with a Boat from Steiff

Steiff presents these tedddy bears in a boat.

Saturday December 02, 2006 | Read More

Mickey and Minnie from Koto Bears

Koto Bears presents Mickey and Minnie mouse.

Friday December 01, 2006 | Read More

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