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Steiff 2013 Fall Collection featuring Disney Mickey, Mickey, Nemo, Dory, Piglet and Pooh
Author: teddygirl | Monday July 01, 2013

Steiff has outdone themselves this summer with an incredible line up of products due in the winter. Steiff has licensed 6 popular Disney Creations for a spectacular line up of what we think are sure to be a collectors dream.

Each of the 6 items are sure to win the hearts and minds of Disney collectors, Disney lovers and Steiff Collectors alike. It is truly an exciting time for Steiff collectors with Steiff taking a "no holds barred" approach to its designs and creations.

Steiff Mickey
Steiff Minnie
Steiff Finding Nemo - Nemo
Steiff Finding Nemo - Dory
Steiff Pooh
Steiff Piglet

From the collectors standpoint, it is not just the Disney Pieces whose values stand the test of time, but the pristine Swarovski Bears that Steiff has created. Everyone knows the Swarovski Brand, and Swarovski has a dedicated market of collectors. Read more in in our up and coming article about Steiff and Swarovski.

The collectors market has been stiff over the last few years as the world wide economic decline has ensued. But we are seeing a breth of fresh air throughout the markets and we can see Steiff does too. As the sunrise dawns on a stronger market, we will see collectibles begin to strengthen.

But alas, you know as we know, that many of our buyers generally do not buy for the value; they buy for the love of the product. It is what sets this collectible market apart from the others; you get to enjoy / hold your collectible, and it gains value with love.

See all of the 2013 Steiff Fall Collection at Sunny Bears.

Visit Sunny Bears, your teddy bear store.

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