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Meet Wayne Lim of Wayneston Bears
Author: teddygirl | Thursday June 30, 2011

Interview #22 for Bear Buzz.

Meet our Current Artist: Wayne Lim of Wayneston Bears. We hope you enjoy our interviews with those in the bear world.

When did you start making bears and what inspired you to design your own?

Under the guidance of my mentor, Emen Chen, I made my first bear for my birthday in 2009. It was then that I found my passion for the craft and started making more, and more bears. Emen encourages me to continue in the art of bear-making, which I am enjoying as a journey to becoming a full-fledged toy designer.

Describe your style of bears and/or animals you make.

The style is contemporary. I enjoy making other animals too. That keeps me creative. I have made squirrels, bunnies, puppies, kittens and hedgehogs.

Where do you live and where are you originally from?

I live in Singapore with my parents, younger brother and 2 sisters.

What inspires you?

Everything, from books, internet, music, photographs to the people around me.

What is your favorite part of bear making?

It allows me to express my thoughts and ideas through the craft. I never get bored with bear making because it is my dream to be a toy designer. Coming up with something new excites me. Every piece of my creation is therefore different. In particular, I like making the head of the bear. That is when I spend plenty of time carefully trimming the fur and needle-sculpting it to create a variety of expressions.

How did you choose your business name?

The name, Wayneston Bears, came from my name, Wayne. My bears can be likened to my babies coming to life, so it is my way of saying that they are my babies. Wayneston is meant to be a carefree town in a fantasy world where happy bears and critters live in harmony.

Do you have any other hobbies besides bear making?

My other hobbies include needle felting, beading and drawing.

Do you have any children and/or pets?

I have 2 hamsters which are often a source of inspiration.

What are you most proud of?

It must be my ability to design and make hand-drawings turn into 3 dimensional objects. Bear-making allows me to travel around the world, design freely, make new friends, and I’m very proud of it.

Where do you sell your bears?

I sell my bears on my website, Bear Pile and Etsy. They can also be found on my Facebook fan page.

Bear Pile:

Wayneston Bears
Wayneston Bears

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