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National Parks get increase in funding
Author: teddygirl | Sunday November 15, 2009

The following is from the National Parks Conservation Association, an organization is protecting parks for future generations.

The National Park System has just received a significant increase in funding for 2010. Last week, President Obama signed a $32.2 billion Interior and Environment Appropriations bill for the 2010 fiscal year. In this bill, the National Park Service (NPS) received $2.7 billion--roughly $218 million above the 2009 funding level!

Here are some of the highlights from the bill:

- NPS Operations received roughly $130 million above last year's funding level, which fulfills the President's pledge to increase park operations $100 million above inflation.

- The NPS portion of the Land and Water Conservation Fund--a fund used to purchase critical lands now on the market for conservation and public recreation--received $126.26 million. This is an increase of $61 million over last year's level and $28 million above the President's request.

- Public-Private Partnerships, previously known as the Centennial Challenge, was funded at $15 million.

- A potentially harmful rider that would have required a public hunt to manage the growing elk population at Theodore Roosevelt National Park was removed. The rider would have overridden longstanding agency-wide policy.

- Most importantly, and beyond the numbers, the NPS is now better able to hire more rangers, fill out the authorized boundaries of many parks, enhance its ability to address the impacts of climate change on our national parks, and preserve America's Everglades, Great Lakes, and other nationally-significant ecosystems.

NPCA works tirelessly to ensure that our National Park System is adequately funded and protected--and especially leading up to 2016. With your support and with the resources and experience we've gained from over 90 years in Washington, we will not give up in making America's best idea even better.

For more information, visit National Parks Conservation Associations website.

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