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New bear cubs in IFAW Grizzly Bear Rehabilitation Project
Author: teddygirl | Tuesday November 18, 2008

The following is from International Fund for Animal Welfare, an organization that protects animals and their environments worldwide.

Like a lot of brothers, these two grizzly bear cubs couldn't be more opposite.

One is boisterous, assertive, and a bit of a show-off. The other is quiet, friendly, and a bit shy.

A second chance for wild grizzly bears

Espen and Koda came to the grizzly bear rehabilitation project after their mother was shot and killed by a hunter. Espen means "warrior of the bear", and it fits his rambunctious personality perfectly. Koda, meaning "friend", also has an appropriate name, as he is timid and friendly.

When Espen and Koda were found, our partners at the Northern Lights Wildlife Society immediately took them in to the rehabilitation center and began caring for them. The center will make sure the bears grow strong and healthy - and fit enough to return to the wild next summer.

The bears are currently being fed fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken. As the winter approaches, the amount of food will be decreased, as it would naturally in the wild. The dwindling food supply will prompt the bears to hibernate. These measures are all carefully crafted to match a bear's natural experience, better equipping the bears to make the transition to living in the wild. This approach was successful before - you might remember our previous two bear cubs, Suzy and Johnny.

An update on Suzy and Johnny

We are happy to report that Suzy and Johnny, the first two bears to graduate from the grizzly rehabilitation project, are doing well. The bears were monitored throughout the summer, and they are both thriving - they have found perfect grizzly bear habitat and plentiful food sources.

Without the generosity of our donors, it is likely that Suzy and Johnny, and Espen and Koda, would have been killed or sent to a zoo. This project is truly the difference between life and death for these orphan grizzly bear cubs.

For more information, visit International Fund for Animal Welfare website.

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