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Meet Tami Lahey of Dolls N Dreams!
Author: teddygirl | Saturday December 01, 2007

Our fourth interview for Bear Buzz.

Meet our December Artist: Tami Lahey of Dolls N Dreams. Each month, we'll bring you an interview with someone in the bear world. Enjoy!

When did you start making bears and what inspired you to design your own?

I started designing teddy bears close to two years ago after viewing the wonderful Artist Bears on Ebay. I was hooked. I also found a wonderful place to visit on the internet called Teddy Talk, met some wonderful artists and learned the ropes of designing my very own teddy bear pattern. I also purchased many how to books. I'm still on Teddy Talk today and was recently given the title of "Cute Animal Ambassador". Being the animal lover I am, I post a cute animal photo on the board each day for all to see.

Describe your style of bears and/or animals you make.

I have been designing fairy dolls for over ten years, and wanted to bring my fantasy theme to the teddy bear. Although it was a lot of work, it was also a lot of fun developing my own unique pattern. The name I decided on was Fairy Doogles. Each one seems to have their own mischievous personality and have curly toe boots, antennas & fairy features. I also developed a pattern for a Mermaid/bear called "Cuddletails" and a series called Woodland Wabbits.

Where do you live and where are you originally from?

I’m originally from Odessa, Texas, and recently moved to Aurora, Colorado. Although it is very pretty here, this southern girl still can't get use to the snow & cold weather!

What inspires you?

My love of fairies inspired the Fairy Doogles, and my favorite book is called Fairy Art by Iain Zaczek. This book explores the magical world of nineteenth and twentieth-century fairy paintings. The book is beautifully illustrated and gives one a glimpse into the realms of myth and fantasy. I am a huge animal lover and was recently inspired by my adorable Westie, Tiffani, to design a new Doogle Dog. I named the Doogle Dog Tiffy as well.

What is your favorite part of bear making?

I receive the sweetest emails about my creations. The most enjoyable part of creating a bear is knowing someone else will love him as much as I do. Teddy bear people are the most wonderful people in the world.

How did you choose your business name?

I have had my business name of Dolls N Dreams for over ten years now. I always wanted to design creations that one may envision in a dream, and I created many fantasy dolls from dreams I have.

Do you have any other hobbies besides bear making?

I love interior decorating, painting, needlepoint, and another passion I have is baking. Love the sweets! Keeping my website, my myspace page and a blog updated takes a lot of time. Teaching myself html way back so it has really come in handy.

Do you have any children and/or pets?

My husband Tom & I have an adorable 5-year-old Westie named Tiffani and she is the 'CPO' of Dolls N Dreams (Chief Puppy Officer). She also has her own website,
She is our joy!

What are you most proud of?

I was thrilled to have one of my Fairy Doogles win a TOBY Industry Choice Award this year. That was a living dream for me. The award was proudly displayed among my Barbie Bazaar Crystal Awards I have won over the years. I keep them all in a lighted cabinet. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or uncreative, they always give me inspiration.

Where do you sell your bears?

I sell my bears from my website and on Ebay Auctions. I'm proud to say I have over 1600 positive feedback rating on ebay. I'm also a member of a wonderful group called Bear Artist Online, which usually has two online shows a year. If you would like to join my email update group and be notified when new creations are listed, please send me an email.

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