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Last week to vote for URSA Awards
Author: teddygirl | Thursday July 26, 2007

The following is from Valerie Rogers, the editor of Bears and Buds.

Teddy Bear and Soft Sculpture Artists have entered their wonderful Bears/Buds and it is up to YOU, our collector/readers to determine the winners in each of the 11 categories.

Voting is easy!

Enter through several areas on BearsandBuds.com's Table of Contents
1. The big URSA Banner on the right
2. Reach Beyond the Stars banner
3. The URSA bear icon
4. And Vote Begins July 10 through July 31, second round begins August 10 - 31st.

After you have reviewed the bears in a category, click on the URSA bear icon or the underlined VOTE will take you to the actual voting pages.

Cast your vote.

When you close the window, the program will bring you back to the category page, use the "next category" arrow, it will take you to the next category.

Continue voting.

You do not have to vote in all categories with one visit. Come back and continue voting until July 31. That will be the end of round one.

On August 10, we'll conduct the second round of voting, where you will pick ONE from the top winners, the bear or bud you like best and it will win the URSA Major Award. The all time favorite!

The URSA is a pure contest, no judges, jury, or nominations. The winner is determined by the number of VOTES a bear/bud receives. Contests like American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, TOBY, Golden Teddy, and for the President they are all won by popular vote.

The artists appreciate and thank you for voting.

We are very excited and pleased with all the entries.
The artists have "Reached Beyond the Stars" for their ideas.

Let the voting begin! www.bearsandbuds.com

"One of the largest Resources for Teddy and Real Bears"
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