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Enter URSA Awards now
Author: teddygirl | Thursday June 07, 2007

The following is from Valerie Rogers, the publisher of Bears & Buds.

Hello Everyone,
Each year Bears&Buds sponsors the URSA Awards Contest. With prestigious awards, ribbons and gifts. This year the contest is open to all soft sculpture artists around the World.
Here is the list of categories:
URSA Contest Categories
Category Choices
1. Wee Little Bear or Bud - under 6" Dressed or undressed.
2. Medium Bear or Bud - 8 to 14" - Dressed or undressed.
3. Big Bear or Bud - 15" and over - Dressed or undressed.
4. Four on the Floor - Bears standing on all for legs.
5. Best Friends - Pair of bears or buds or combination of each.
6. Good Golly! - Gollies in all sizes.
7. Wild and Zany - A walk on the wild side - any animal in the kingdom.
8. Bear or Bud Needle Felted - any size - dressed or undressed.
9. Bear or Bud Amigurumi Japanese-Style - any medium.
10. Bear or Bud - Crocheted - Made from threads.
11. Vignette - Bears or Buds in a scene - all by the same artist.
12. Manufactured Bear or Bud - all sizes and styles.

Please visit our website for more details.
Entries accepted through June 15, 2007 with voting beginning in August and awards announced and presented in late September. Voting is done by our readers, the artists clients and is a popular vote contest. Who will the winners be?
Looking forward to your entry!
Valerie Rogers
Publisher/Executive Editor

Entries being accepted through June 15 with voting beginning in August. The contest winners are determined by popular vote from our readers. Winners will be announced in late September.

For more information, visit Bears & Buds website at www.bearsandbuds.com

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