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2007 Disney Teddy Bear and Doll Weekend Auction Prices
Author: teddygirl | Wednesday May 23, 2007

This a list of the auction prices for teddy bears from the 2007 Disney Doll and Teddy Bear Convention.

2007 Disney Convention Auction prices

They are alphabetical order (not in the order of the auction). All prices are in US dollars.

Adora Inc.: $700
Bearied Treasures by Dolores: Not sold because did not meet reserve
Berdine Creedy: $4,250
Beverly Stoehr: $650
Canterbury Bears (1st was the King of Jazz): Not sold because did not meet reserve
Canterbury Bears (2nd was The Jazz Queen): $1,050
Chatham Village Bears: $550
Deb Canham Artist Designs: $3,500
Debbie Sampson Love & Laughter: Not sold because did not meet reserve
Doll Maker & Friends: $300
Elizabeth Cooper Studio: $850
Gilmur Rudley Bears: $1,000
Goodreau Doll LLC: $2,000
Greg Ortiz Collection: Not sold because did not meet reserve
Handmade Treasures: $900
Happy Tymes Collectibles: $6,000
Heir Bears: $700
Hermann Teddy: $2,000
Herrington Teddy Bears: Not sold because did not meet reserve
Horsman Ltd: $450
KJ Lyons: $1,150
Karito Kids: $950
Key to my Heart: $400
Koto Bears: $1,300
Lee Middleton Moments: $175
Little Gem Teddy Bear Co.: Not sold because did not meet reserve
Mama LuBears: $1,400
Marie Osmond Dolls: $900
Merrythought: Not sold because did not meet reserve
Mill Creek Creations: $3,350
Precious Moments Doll Co.: $550
Rita Rich Originals: $825
Steiff: $15,000
Tonner Doll Company: $5,000
The Vogue Doll Company: $400
Zucker Bears: $800

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