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Yellowstone might allow 720 snowmobiles per day
Author: teddygirl | Friday May 04, 2007

Park administrators drafted a proposal that would allow 720 lower-polluting snowmobiles per day in Yellowstone National Park. This policy change would just continue rules that have been in effect for the past 3 years although the park has averaged about 250 snowmobiles per day although more are allowed.

In the late 1990s, as many as 1,400 snowmobiles per day came to Yellowstone. The park service proposed a ban in 2000 but it was never enacted.

In addition, the new plan would allow 78 bus-like snowcoaches per day into the park.

Many conservation groups and some former park employees wanted an outright ban on snowmobiles; Snowmobiles contribute noise and air pollution to the park. The new proposal is a defeat for them.

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