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Vietnam and bear bile crime watch
Author: teddygirl | Monday April 23, 2007

The following is from the WSPA, an organization that is raising the standard of animal welfare throughout the world.

A new public service announcement ( PSA) produced by Education for Nature – Vietnam in cooperation with the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) urges consumers to help protect Vietnam’s endangered bears by not using bear bile. The film is in Vietnamese, but there is a transcript of what the residents of Han-oi say in bold below.

The 30 second informative film features a number of Han-oi residents representing a cross section of society each speaking out on the issue:

“ Vietnam’s bears are vanishing. Hunting, trading, and consuming of products made from bears are pushing Vietnam’s bears to the edge of extinction.

Help protect Vietnam’s bears before it’s too late. Say ‘No’ to bear bile and products made from bears.

If you observe wildlife being displayed, sold, transported or kept illegally in captivity contact the ENV’s Wildlife Crimes Hotline at 1800-1522”

ENV will also air the new PSA on provincial television stations throughout Vietnam starting in March.

This is the second public awareness film that ENV has produced. In 2004 they produced a film featuring the pop star My Linh, again urging people to not use bear bile.

Vietnam ’s bears are threatened by the illegal trade of bear bile, a highly cruel and inhumane industry.

ENV wishes to thank WSPA supporters for their generous support in efforts to bring an end to the exploitation and trade of bears and other wildlife.

For more information about WSPA, visit their website at http://www.wspa.org.uk

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