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China's Congress champion's bear welfare
Author: teddygirl | Thursday April 12, 2007

The following is from WSPA, an organization that is raising the standard of animal welfare throughout the world.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) today applauded China’s annual parliament, the National People’s Congress, for moving one step closer to improving animal welfare by tabling a proposal to phase out bear farming in the country.

Sichuan delegate Zhou Ping’s proposal to phase out the farming of black bears for their bile- a substance often used in traditional Chinese medicine- was applauded by the WSPA which works closely with Chinese institutes to improve animal welfare in the country and has been campaigning against bear bile farming since the early nineties.

David Eastham, Head of Wildlife for the WSPA, said: “Debate at this level can only hasten the end of this cruel and unnecessary practice. The WSPA is greatly encouraged by the recent statements made at the National People‘s Congress in China to bring an end to the practice of bear farming.

The cruelty of Bear bile farming is two-fold; the bears are regularly housed in cages no bigger than the animals themselves, and an incision is made into their abdomen with bile extracted from the gall bladder as often as twice a day in some cases, so the wound is never allowed to heal. Most of the bears farmed for bile in China are Asiatic black bears, despite being listed as an endangered species.

A large number of synthetic and herbal alternatives to bear bile do exist, further fuelling calls for an end to the barbaric practice.*

This National People’s Congress is the largest gathering of opinion in China, allowing party leaders to meet with nearly three thousand delegates from around the country and takes place at the Great Hall of the People on Tiananmen Square. It is considered a reflection of the thoughts of the people and often showcases new government initiatives.

*For information on the alternatives to bear bile please visit:

For more information about WSPA, visit their website: http://www.wspa.org.uk

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