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Alpaca Teddy Bear from Steiff
Author: teddygirl | Friday March 23, 2007

Steiff presents this alpaca teddy bear.

This Teddy bear has come a long way. Its cuddly fur comes from the South American Andes, where the air is thin and the nights are cold. This environment is home to the alpaca, a close relative to the llama. To protect it from the cold, nature has provided it with one of the finest and softest types of animal hair in the world. No more than every two years, these are shorn carefully by the South American Indios and made into a woven fur. With a little luck, it will then be made into a Teddy bear just like this one here. This respectable Teddy bear comes with a stylish leather collar decorated with nine gold-plated Steiff buttons. This is the "underscored" button with the Steiff lettering from 1907 (recognizable by the "F" tailing back from the end of the name). Of course, this historical design also serves as the "Button in Ear."

When you rub this Teddy bear's nose, you can feel why it has such a special sheen: it is waxed. And you will never tire of stroking its silky fur again and again. Some people say that this softness engenders happiness. For this and many other reasons, you will see why, even at the time of the Incas, alpaca hair was worth its weight in gold.
Worldwide limited edition of 2,007 pieces.

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