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Polar bear cub rejected by mother
Author: teddygirl | Wednesday March 21, 2007

at Berlin Zoo.

Knut, the 3 month old polar bear born at the Berlin Zoo, is at the center of a debate, if you can call it that. Knut was rejected by his mother, and the zoo chose to hand raise him. He is scheduled to make his first public appearance in a few weeks.

Some animal rights activists, if you can call them that, disagree with the zoo’s decision to hand raise the cub. They think the cub should be left to die because that is what would happen in the wild. First, being in a zoo is not the wild. Second, polar bears could be listed on the threatened species list soon, and they should be. Why would they want to kill a threatened species? Third, the zoo is responsible for their animals.

One of the so called activists mentioned a case a the Leipzig city zoo of a baby sloth bear rejected by its mother in December. Instead of caring for the cub, the zoo killed the baby by lethal injection. The sloth bear is a vulnerable species, as listed by the IUCN Red List.

People can watch the Knut on Berlin Zoo’s website.

*Above picture is from Fox News’ website from AP.

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