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Molly Mohair Dog by Steiff
Author: teddygirl | Thursday March 08, 2007

Steiff presents this quirky dog.

Everyone knows that man's best friend is a Steiff animal, closely followed by a dog, of course. This being the case, it is only natural that dogs should have a part to play in the history of Steiff. This was particularly the case during the Golden Twenties, when almost as many dogs were produced as Teddy bears. The uncontested star of this era, which lasted until the 1950s, was Molly. He sits there as good as gold, waiting to lay his faithful two-tone glass eyes on his new owner. As soon as their eyes meet, the golden bell that hangs on Molly's splendid blue satin ribbon is sure to ring with joy as well.

Molly has a jointed head and glass eyes, is surface washable, stuffed with wood shavings, and has a gold-plated "Button in Ear." Molly is 4 inches tall.

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