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Daphne Blau and The Last Mimzy
Author: teddygirl | Wednesday February 28, 2007

Daphne Blau, the talented artist behind Back Road Bears and Back Road Events, made Mimzy, a very special bunny for this New Line Cinema movie, The Last Mimzy. Mimzy was not the typical soft sculpture art that Daphne usually creates, but this was a very unique and rewarding opportunity for her. Daphne worked under direction of Barry Chusid, Production Design, to recreate a computer drawn bunny in 3D. Design changes and production deadlines made it quite an adventure - one she'll never forget!

The Last Mimzy is in movie theaters March 23, 2007. Tonner Doll has also produced a doll with Mimzy for the movie. If you are interested, you can order them from Daphne at her website.

In addition to the Last Mimzy, Daphne creates many wonderful bears, moose, dogs, etc. She also produces high end bear shows.

Here is Daphne's website: Back Road Bears

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