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2007 Golden George nominees
Author: teddygirl | Friday February 23, 2007

Here are the 2007 Golden George nominees:

Premium class

Cat 1, Bare bear up to 40cm
Adelheid Grimm, Erika Knirsch, Annerose Schneider, Petra Schope, Pamela Theng, Terumi Yoshikawa

Cat 2 - dressed bear, up to 40cm
Gudrun Didszilatis (two entries), Ulla Hardstrang

Cat. 3 Bears with accessories, up to 40cm
Liesbeth de Bruijn, Heike Buchner, Anna Dazumal, Maria Collin

Cat. 4 "Inspiration" up to 40cm
Andrea Demnitz, Sabine Eschbach, Kerstin Jeske, Adelheid Grimm

Cat 5, miniature , undressed, up to 12 cm
Byung Hwo Ahn, Jutta Michels, Ursula Schwarz, Natascha Sabo

Cat 6, minis, dressed - up to 12cm
Anna Dazumal, Harumi Kajihara, Ko Kyung Won

Cat 7 - realistic bears, up to 40cm
Heike buchner, Byung Hwa Ahn, Erika Knirsch, Seo Yuo Gyung

Cat 8 - friends
Anna Dazumal, Jutta Michels, Petra Schope, Park Yuk Oae

Master Class

Group 1
Silvia gilles, Kirsten Koster, Eun-Sook Ma (two entries) Vera Racke for Hildegard Gunzel, Roswitha Weyand

Group 2
Marian Haarik-Getkate, Eun-Sook Ma (twice) Eleonore Unkel-Schaufelin, Britta Uhlendorff

Group 3
Ilona Hickey, Silvia Gilles, Vera Racke for hildegard gunzel, Maria Svatos

Anna Dazumal, Elisabeth Lubbe, Eun-Sook Ma (twice) , Park Soon Hwa

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