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Mini Farbtupfer Teddybaers Mohair from Steiff
Author: teddygirl | Saturday January 27, 2007

Steiff presents this artist palette of teddy bears.

A rainbow of Steiff bears from Steiff designer Anja Koskinen. Anja, who has been a designer with Steiff for seven years, has let her imagination run wild and created a humorous teddy bear artist’s palette. She gained her inspiration from her own hobby, namely painting. “I love painting in my spare time and always enjoy mixing colors on a palette.”

Six jewel toned 3.5 inch Teddies mix it up on a wooden artist's palette, complete with paint tubes and a paint brush. Three of the bears are holding paint tubes with the word Steiff imprinted on them just in case more paint is needed. Each bear is five way jointed and is detailed with felt pad pads and shiny black eyes. On every teddy bear’s nose, there is a dash of color of his neighboring teddy bear (clockwise). “The teddy bears are playing together – just like an artist enjoys mixing and playing with color,” says Anja. The palette sports a gold plated Button in Ear and tag. The bears cannot be removed from the palette, and the paintbrush is not attached to the palette. This is a Worldwide limited edition of 2,006 pieces.

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