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2007 TOBY Award Industry Choice Winners
Author: teddygirl | Thursday January 25, 2007

Here are the 2007 TOBY Awards, Industry's Choice Winners. Congratulations to all the artists and manufacturers!

Miniature Artist Bear - Dressed/Costumed
Edie Barlishen, “Will You Help Me Tie My Shoes?”
Charlotte Deadman, “My Cherie Amour”
Samantha Potter, “Jessica”
Natascha Sabo, “O Bear, Where Art Thou?”
Ingrid Schmid, “Priscilla Rose Preedy”

Miniature Artist Bear - Undressed
Edie Barlishen, “Naddy”
Berta Hesen-Minten, “Beauty and the Nerd”
Michelle Lamb, “Linus”
Christine Pike, “Robin”
Samantha Potter, “Moonbeam”

Small Artist Bear - Dressed/Costumed
Gudrun Didszilatis, “Nils Holgersson”
Tami Lahey, “Theo, A Fairy Doogle Bear”
Eun Sook Ma, “Cordelia”
Ingrid Schmid, “Alice Quigley”
Lora Soling, “Phillippe LeRoutier”

Small Artist Bear - Undressed
Ahn ByungHwa, “I Love You”
Terrie Kalaputas, “Snazzy”
Heather and Stacey Stanley, “Mushu”
Kumiko Nakano & Masaru Nakano, “Baby Panda YumYum”
Laraine White, “Niko”

Large Artist Bear - Dressed/Costumed
Aleta Breese, “Princess Mirabell and Sophie”
Bonnie Foster, “Christina”
Michelle Lamb, “Black Bart”
Kerrie Mouat, “Liberty”
Ingrid Schmid, “Ethel McQuinn”

Large Artist Bear - Undressed
Yvonne Andrew, “Merry”
Jenny Johnson, “Fernando Panda”
Aiko Kawamoto, “Bern”
Eun Sook Ma, “Victoria”
Jane Monroe, “Maemie and Her Dove”

Artist Vignette – Any size
Edie Barlishen, “Mommy and Me”
Wanda Carson, “Pet Detective”
Maria Collin, “If You Go Down To The Woods”
Eun Sook Ma, “The Sun Rises”
Ingrid Schmid, “Portrait of Friends”

Artist "Friends" (Collectible Plush Animals)
Donna Butts, “Talley Who?”
Louise and Garnet Carrick, “Harley”
Karen Lyons, “Ace McPurr, Gambler”
Yuk Oae Park, “Motherhood”
Judi Paul, “Musa the African Lion”

Artist Bear – Nontraditional Materials
Marion Fraile, “Matilda”
Mikki Klug, “Best Friends”
Judi Paul, “Opie and Tom Thumb”
Kim Russell, “The Frog Prince”
Ingrid Schmid, “Pip & Teddy Hawkins”

Small Manufactured, Dressed
The Bearington Collection, “Keri & Teri”
B.E.L. Services Co., “Postman”
Countrylife New Zealand, “Deidre and Daxi”
Gund, “Arabella”
Settler Bears, “Rosie”

Small Manufactured, Undressed
American Mint, “Toni”
The Bearington Collection, “Patty Praysmore”
Coffee Bean Bears, “Brewster Bean”
Hermann Spielwaren, “Daffodil”
Hildegard Guenzel, “Prince & Showgirl”

Large Manufactured, Dressed
The Bearington Collection, “Grandfather Frost”
Countrylife New Zealand, “Yorkshire Lad”
Hermann Spielwaren, “The King”
Russ Berrie & Co., “Charles & Constance”
Settler Bears, “Chloe”

Large Manufactured, Undressed
The Bearington Collection, “Mama Blush”
Gund, Inc., “Zweenie”
Hermann Spielwaren, “Celebration Bear”
Russ Berrie & Co., “Dixon and Desmond”

Manufactured “Friends” (Collectible Plush Animals)
The Bearington Collection, “Puffball”
Gund, Inc., “Yardley”
Hermann Spielwaren, “Mama Kangaroo”
Russ Berrie & Co., “Yokimo Wolf”

Manufactured Play Bear
The Bearington Collection, “Ol Patch”
Countrylife New Zealand, “Angel Face”
Gund, Inc., “My First Teddy”

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