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Teddybear 35 yellow 1908 from Steiff
Author: teddygirl | Tuesday December 12, 2006

Steiff presents this yellow teddy bear.

Harrods, the prestigious department store in London, together with other major stores and famous toystops like Hamleys, which still exists today, were customers of Herbert E. Hughes. Steiff’s general representative in England from 1899. And it was especially for him that Otto Steiff put together a sample collection of colored bears in 1908. But although some 40,000 bears were ordered from Steiff for England in 1908 alone, the four Teddy bears in green, yellow, pink and black were never marketed, and the originals still remain missing today. The second replica in this series in now available. In Steiff’s archives, a Rolly Polly clown dating from 1908 that would have been used for these sample bears. Thus, it was ideal for matching the exact color used.

This teddy bear is the second in the series of the missing jewel toned bears from 1908. This teddy bear is 14 inches, five way jointed, and has excelsior stuffing, boot button eyes, a growler and a gold plated Button in Ear.

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