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AuROARa by SuBEARstition Teddies
Author: teddygirl | Sunday November 05, 2006

SuBEARstition Teddies presents this fall teddy bear.

Fall is AuROARa’s favorite time of year--the leaves are changing; the air is crisp; and, it’s getting time for hibearnation! AuROARa body is made from 100% Shulte Batik Distressed Swirly Mohair. Her tummy and muzzle (which is shaved) are gold swirly mohair. She is fully jointed and has Ultrasuede® paw pads. Her eyes are made of premium German glass. AuROARa’s collected a few of her favorite leaves to wear around her neck.

Want to add AuROARa to your hug? Visit SuBEARstition Teddies to find out how.

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