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Looking for large teddy bear collection
Author: teddygirl | Friday November 03, 2006

for Teddy Bear Scene magazine

The following message is from Hayley at A Hitchcock Bear:

Hi All. I'm planning on writing an article for Teddy Bear Scene about people's teddy bear collections, in an attempt to find the person with the largest bear collection in the whole wide world (ok, maybe not quite the whole wide world).
If you collect bears and have a large number of them (eg. way over 100) then I would like to hear from you.
Understandably some collections which consist of many old bears can be of a high cash value and some of you may worry about the risk involves with 'advertising' this to others - therefore I would be able to keep your identity private if you would still like to share the story of your collection with other people.
You would need to be able to provide me with good quality photographs of your collection and answer a questionnaire which I will forward to you.
Please email me privately if you would like to tell us about your huge collection and help me in the hunt for finding the biggest teddy bear collection in the world.



You can contact Hayley at her website.

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