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Giggles by Apple Dumpling Bears
Author: teddygirl | Sunday October 29, 2006

Apple Dumpling Bears presents this little boy bear.

This darling little Apple Dumpling Bear wants to go fishing. He can't find his fishing pole and has been looking and looking. . . he's a bit scatterbrained. Giggles likes to laugh and loves a good joke. He is still wearing that goofy grin from the last joke he heard.

-Made from soft curly kid mohair in Old Tan with matching upholstery cashmere paw & footpads.
-Premium black glass eyes back with white wool felt to give him a happy go lucky expression just waiting for that big fish.
-Bolt & locknut joints in his arms & legs with cotterpin join in head & neck for easy posability.
-Stuffed with premium loft polyfil and a heart-shaped muslin pouched filled to the brim with copper-coated BB's for that perfect pick me up and cuddle me weight.
-Comes with his own signed & numbered (1 of 1) paper hangtag.

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