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Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, dies
Author: teddygirl | Monday September 04, 2006

A truly sad day for animals and people everywhere.

Steve Irwin, better known as the Crocodile Hunter, died at age 44. He was at Batt Reef, which is off a remote coast in Queensland, Australia, shooting for a series called “Ocean’s Deadliest.” Steve swam too close to a stingray, and the stingray’s barb went into his heart. Stingray’s barbs come out when they’re scared.

Steve did many television shows and a movie with his wife, Terri, and their 2 children, Bindi and Bob. The family runs a wildlife park in Queensland, Australia. Steve grew up handling animals, and he really made people care for animals such as crocodiles that people didn’t necessarily like.

This is a truly sad day for animals and people everywhere. Steve truly loved animals and worked hard to spread the message of conservation. He was entertaining and exciting while still teaching you about the environment. Some of phrases included “Criky” and “Crocs rule.” He also called animals beauties.

This message from a card outside the zoo says it best: “Steve, from all God’s creatures, thank you. Rest in peace.”

I Love Teddies sends their condolences to Steve’s family and friends. He will truly be missed.

*Above picture of the Irwins is from Animal Planet’s website. For more information, visit Animal Planet’s website: http://animal.discovery.com

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