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Golden Teddy 2006 Artist Winners
Author: teddygirl | Tuesday August 22, 2006

The Golden Teddy Awards, presented by Teddy Bear Review magazine, were handed out this past weekend (August 18-20th) at the Doll and Bear Expo in Washington, D.C.

Here are the 2006 artist winners:

Artist-undressed 5 inches & under
Frazzle, Michelle Lamb

Dressed 5 inches & under
Lady Ascot, Janet Wilson

Undressed, Over 5 & under 14 inches
Baby Grizz: Psst..- Hannelore Daab

Dressed/accessorized, over 5& under 14 inches
Isabella, Christy Firmage

Undressed, 14 inches & Over
Barney, Karin DeLorenzo

Dressed/Acessorized, 14 inches & Over
Geppetto, Jolanda Schneider

Soft-Sculptured/Plush Animals
Sergi the Siberian Tiger, Judi Paul

Little Bear Foot and Sly Fox, Jolanda Schneide

Congratulations to all the winners and the nominees!

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