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Andy the Moon Bear Report #2
Author: teddygirl and Andy | Tuesday May 23, 2006

Andy goes to Disneyworld

The following is written by Andy:

I went to Disneyworld for the first time, and it was exciting for a little bear like me. I rode in a car to Disney, and I passed under a big sign that said Disneyworld when I arrived. We checked into the Boardwalk Inn, and the lady asked about me. I told her why I was traveling around the country. You could see Epcot from my room, and there was a nice balcony that I liked to relax on. The resort had a boardwalk with restaurants and shops. I don’t understand why restaurants don’t have honey on their menus; I think it would be very popular. I know I can never have enough!

I just relaxed the first day I was there. We went to the pool area, but I just decided to hang out in a lounge chair and watch everyone else swim. I didn’t want to mess up my fur. The next day we went to Animal Kingdom to ride the new ride, Expedition Everest. I was too scared to ride so I waited for everyone.

Then we went to Epcot. We were here for the Disney Doll and Teddy Bear convention that was happening that weekend. The Flower and Garden festival was also happening that weekend. The theme was romance, and there were many plants in the shapes of characters and animals throughout the park. The flowers were pretty. I especially liked the plants in the U.K. in the shape of Pooh, a celebrity in the bear world. There was also a butterfly garden with tons of butterflies flying around.

I didn’t ride too many rides because I was busy with the convention and seeing the garden festival displays. I rode Spaceship Earth, which is in the big silver ball. The ride shows how people communicated through time. In Canada, I took a funny picture where I stuck my head through some totem poles.

I got to meet some Disney characters and was so excited. I took pictures with them and got their autographs. They were all nice to me. I saw Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Dale and the Disney bear (Mickey’s teddy bear – he must be a great mouse if he has a teddy bear!).

The teddy bear convention was fun. I couldn’t believe how many other teddy bears were there and how many people were there that loved bears. There was a reception on Friday night where people could meet the bears, and a lot of people were talking. I had some interesting conversations with teddy bears from around the world. The next day people adopted the bears they wanted. That night we went to a dinner and auction. I had never seen an auction before. People bid against each other because they really want to adopt certain bears. I learned how the auction works because I know I will be in an auction after my travels so someone can adopt me and give me a permanent home.

I had a lot of fun at Disneyworld and am looking forward to my next adventure.

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