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Andy the Moon Bear Report #1
Author: teddygirl and Andy | Sunday May 07, 2006

Andy goes to the Ft Laud. Air and Sea Show

Ellen of ’EmBears created Andy, who is made from long pile synthetic fur, has needle felted paw pads, and is stuffed with polyester fiberbill. He is traveling around the USA and will later be auctioned off on ebay with all the proceeds going to Animals Asia. Andy was named after Andrew, one of the first moon bears rescued by Animals Asia 5 ½ years ago. Animals Asia has currently rescued 198 moon bears in China. Moon bears are also called Asiatic black bears. They are farmed in poor conditions in China and other Asian countries for their bear bile, which is often a death sentence for these bears. Animals Asia rescues moon bears and is working with the Chinese governments to improve the situation. For more information, visit Animals Asia’s website at Animals Asia.

The following is written by Andy:

I arrived in South Florida the other day and it’s sunny and warm. I was born in New York so this is a change. I rested for the next 2 days because I was tired from my travels. I was in Vermont and New Hampshire before arriving in Florida, which is my 3rd stop.

Yesterday, I rode on a bike to the Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea Show, which is a salute to our brave military men and women. There are air and sea acts the whole weekend. Representatives from all branches of the military are there. The show is in its 12th year and there are estimates that millions of people attend the show. The best views are from 4 miles of beaches in Fort Lauderdale, and that’s where I watched the show from. It was a warm and sunny day without any clouds in the sky. I saw the ocean and the sand for the first time. I liked seeing the waves hit the shore. A ship called the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower was parked in the water off the beach. I also saw a Coast Guard boat and thousands of civilian boats in the water watching the show. The beach was packed with people. I got to sit in a military hummer and have my picture taken. I didn’t see any other bears there though.

I loved seeing all the aircraft, but they were so loud that I had to cover my ears a lot. Some of the planes flew so close that I thought I could touch them with my paws. I can’t believe what these pilots can do – it’s a lot for a bear to take in. I saw military and civilian air acts that flew up to 500 miles an hour. I saw the F22 Raptor, which is our newest fighter plane. Wow! I saw a plane refueling 2 Blackhawk helicopters in the air and an air-sea rescue. I also saw Warthogs (a tank killer), F16 Falcon (can fly up to 1,500 mph), F15 Strike Eagle (can fly up to 1,875 mph), C130 (a transport plane), Canadian Snowbirds, Red Baron planes, American Airlines planes and others. I saw the B2 Stealth Bomber, and I could barely hear it. The last act of the day was the Blue Angels. They were great, and I couldn’t believe how close together they flew. Sometimes the planes would come out of nowhere and fly right over your head! Sometimes they looked like they were going to fly into each other, but then they turned at the last second. They flew in many different formations.

That evening I went to the pier on the beach and went shopping in some beachy stores. I went to dinner at a restaurant on the beach. I had a fun day and can’t wait for my next adventure.

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