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Animals Asia works to rescue bears in Vietnam
Author: teddygirl | Sunday April 23, 2006

Bear farming, which usually occurs in Asia, is when farmers keep bears in cages and extract the bears’ bile, which is painful for the bears. Bear bile is used in traditional medicine. Today there are herbal and synthetic alternatives that are cheaper, more effective and more readily available. However, bear farming still occurs.

Animals Asia has been working on the issue of bear farming for 8 years in Vietnam. Although bear farming has been illegal in Vietnam since 1999, little action has been taken and the numbers of bears imprisoned on farms has dramatically increased. In 2005, the Vietnamese Government made a firm commitment to phase out bear farming and on November 16th, 2005, Animals Asia signed a formal Agreement to rescue 200 farmed bears in Hanoi.

For more information, visit Animals Asia’s website: http://www.animalsasia.org

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