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WSPA’s Romanian bear sanctuary
Author: teddygirl | Tuesday April 18, 2006

World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is in the beginning stages of constructing a bear sanctuary in Romania. Romania has around 5,500 wild bears that are subject to illegal capture and use as exhibition animals. Currently, there are 50 bears in captivity, and these bears are used as hotel and restaurant roadside attractions, private zoo exhibits, or for tourist photos.

Many of these bears in captivity are underfed by their owners, and the bears eat when customers feed them. As a result, the bears have poor diets and are not healthy. In addition, many bears live in cramped cages where they do not have shelter from weather conditions.

Once the project is complete, WSPA plans to rescue all the bears being illegally held in Romania, rehabilitate captive and orphaned bear cubs, educate the public and change behaviors about bears, eradicate the commercial exploitation of bears in Romania, and house rescued bears from other European countries.

For more information about the sanctuary, please visit WSPA’s website: http://wspa.org.uk/news.asp?newsID=207%20

*Above picture is from WSPA's website.

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