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Added new artists 3.15.06
Author: teddygirl | Wednesday March 15, 2006

I Love Teddies added new artists to our artists section. Go to the Teddy Bear Artists section. Here they are in no particular order:

-Knit with Love by Joan Salomon
-Bearly Sane by Sandi Smith
-Amore Bears by Andrea Moore
-Baggaley Bears by Vicki Fletcher-Baggaley
-Bear Bottom Heirloom Bears by Gail Griffiths
-Bear Paws by Jody Tokioka
-Chantal's Bears Creations by Chantal Giroux
-East Bench Bears
-Fred-I-Bear by Lynette Kennedy
-Bearmini Bears by Marjorie L. Kaiser
-MoonBeam Bears by Jacqui Hall
-Janet and Bears by Janet Ann Anderson
-Kids and Teddy Too by Bonnie Foster
-Sophie Z'Ours
-Kristek Bears by Iva Jean Kristek
-Pookie Bears by Lin Chamberlain
-Maddie Janes Bears by Maddie Janes
-Maray Bears by Margaret Bubner
-Mark's Bears
-Acorn Bears
-Bear Treasures by Melanie Jayne
-Meri Bears by Kate Wallace
-Mini Companions by Brigid Holmes
-Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers
-Mo Bear Designs by Jane Blowes
-Bearly Unique by Janet Russell
-Quilts-N-Critters by Marilyn Wagner
-Patscrafts Original Fur Bears
-Onecy 'n Friends
-Rose Bear Cottage by Debbie Quinones
-Sadie Bear Creations
-SarBears by Sarah Pendergrast
-Sassy Bears and Fabrics by Stephanie Sarsfield
-Wild Thyme Originals by Kim Basta
-Attic Heirloom Treasures by Melissa Zemeski
-MJ Bears by Mary Jo Sichak
-Peachtree Cottage by Mary Robinson
-Hanna Bears by Karen Cwayna
-Midnight Bears by Laura Elder
-Kelamee Bears by Michelle Nash
-Bradley Bears by Michele Partridge
-F.J. Hannay Bears by Melanie and Paul Newton
-Bears by Mary Myrtle Miniatures by Samantha Potter
-Old Time Teddies & Furry Friends by Marjoleine Diemel
-Melissa Jayne Bears by Melissa Jayne Smith
-Butlers Bears by Marilyn Holland Butler
-Folies d'Ours by Veronique Dubosc
-Valdorf Bears by Petra Valdorf
-Stine Teddies by Stine Birkeland
-Rebekah Clifford Bears by Rebekah Clifford
-Bears by Susan Jane
-Top n Tail Bears by Maria Collins
-The Teddy Bear's Frolic by Tanya Cook
-Angelbearies by Gail Thomas
-Bearmini Bears by Marjorie L. Kaiser
-The Bear Guys by Shane Elliott and Steven Clark

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