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TOBY Artist Nominees 2006
Author: teddygirl | Friday February 17, 2006

Here is a list of the 2006 TOBY nominees for the artists.

Congratulations to all the nominees!

Artist Vignette – Any size
Karin DeLorenzo, Silvester Loves Bubu!
Jo-an Gast, Grizzly Tranquility
Hiromi Nagataki, Where's Mom?
Karen Lyons, The Happy Revellers
Ma Eun Sook, Love

Miniature Artist Bear - Dressed/Costumed
Marian Haarink-Getkate, Miss Applebee
Sayumi Koizumi, Kumataro, Matsuri Fan
Kay Street, The Harvester
Becky Wheeler, Pekoe "The Tea Is Bruin"
Janet Wilson, Lady Ascot

Miniature Artist Bear - Undressed
Aki Amano, Maron
Barbara Burke, Snowball
Michelle Lamb, Minuet
Samantha Potter, Twinkle
Natascha Sabo, The Cuddliest Bear in Polaris

Small Artist Bear - Dressed/Costumed
Kelly Dean, Dermott Derry Has a Merry
Hiromi Nagataki, Connie
Gabriele Lepahe, Miss Rose's Teatime
Denise Purrington, Nukatpiaq
Pat Youderin, Jeckle

Small Artist Bear - Undressed
Mika Fujitta, Brown Bear
Jared Monroe, Pudgie Fudgie
Denise Purrington, Toots
Monty and Joe Sours, Mei Xiang
Pat Youderin, Spencer

Large Artist Bear - Dressed/Costumed
Barbara Burke, Shelby
Kelly Dean, Wee Willie McGhilly
Michelle Lamb, Burl Ives
Helga Torf, I Wanna Be A Mouse!
Sue VanNattan, Long John Silver

Large Artist Bear - Undressed
Mika Fujitta, Polar Bear
Sue Ann Holcomb, Burleson
Niina Kanai, Michio
Judi Paul, Sherwood
Lisa Rosenbaum, Mr. Walt Disney

Artist "Friends" (Collectible Plush Animals)
Silvia Gilles, Otis Otter
Shelli Heinemann, In Hog Heaven
Karen Lyons, Bebee in the Yarn Basket
Masaru Nakano, Pudding
Judi Paul, Sergei the Siberian Tiger

Artist Bear – Nontraditional Materials
Patricia Cabrera, A Bear With A Headache
Marion Fraile, Carlton
Janine Genua, Chuckles
Berta Hesen-Minten, Isn't She Lovely
Joan Salomon, Elise

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