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IDEX Orlando 2006 Review
Author: teddygirl | Wednesday February 01, 2006

Here is a review of the IDEX Orlando 2006 from a collector's view.

IDEX Orlando took place January 27-29th, 2006. The event was mainly for dolls, but there were teddy bears there too. Collectors and those in the trade were welcome.

Friday, January 27
There were seminars for those involved in the trade in the afternoon. The first seminar was hosted by Jones Publishing, and the second was hosted by Teddy Bear and Friends and Doll Reader magazines. There were a few events for dolls, and then a gallery of dolls that evening. I did not attend the doll gallery because there were no teddy bears involved.

Saturday, January 28
The Golden Teddy nominees were announced in the morning, but I was late and missed the nominations. I was not happy about that. So I don’t know who was nominated.

I visited various teddy bear booths during the day. Some manufacturers like Deb Canham and RJ Wright were there, and artists like Busser Bears and Pasha Bears were there. Good Bears of the World, an organization that gives bears to those in need, had a booth there. Teddy Bear and Friends and Teddy Bear Review magazines also had booths there.

There were more events for dolls during the day. Marie Osmond makes dolls, and probably a couple hundred people waited in line for her to sign their dolls.

There was an auction that night called “Once Upon a Dream” to benefit Children Affected by Aids; all the auction pieces were donated by the artist or manufacturer. Before 5:30 pm, a line formed at the entrance to the auction room. You had to register for the auction when you entered the room, but you did not have to register to watch the auction. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres were available.

The auction did not begin until 6:30 pm. There was some dancing and singing that were part of the fairytale theme, and then the president of IDEX and the director of the charity spoke. They showed a video about the charity. Then the auction began. There were 59 lots, and most of them met their estimated range.

The bear pieces were from the following artists and manufacturers (all the prices are in US dollars); some pieces were one of a kind.
Kim Basta: $375
Gund: 175
Steiff: 275
Deborah Beardsley Elertson: 500
Jane Woodard: 250
Pat Youderin: 300
Hildegard Gunzel: 1,000
North American Bear: 450
Nicki Harper: 200
Deb Canham: 775
Martin of Germany: 900

Although RJ Wright did not do a bear, his auction piece sold for $41,000! The piece was the caterpillar on top of a mushroom talking to Alice in Wonderland; it was pretty big. This part of the auction was exciting. It came down to a bidder on online and a bidder in the room. Everyone in the room kept encouraging the bidder in the room to bid higher. Everyone couldn’t believe when the bidding climbed to over $30,000, but then it went over $40,000! The bidder in the room stopped bidding, and the online bidder won. The picture of this piece is at the top.

They stopped the auction after about 30 lots to have more singing and dancing. The auction hoped to raise $50,000; instead, it raised $114,000.

Sunday, January 29
There were some more doll events in the morning. Good Bears of the World (GBW) had an auction at 11 am. They auctioned off donated bears, and there were a lot of bears. Terrie Strong is the director of the organization. GBW gives teddy bears to those who need them. Last year, they gave out 20,000 bears. The purpose of the organization is to “spread love and caring to children and the elderly who are in need of comfort and solacing.”

There was an auction that night for antique dolls, but I did not attend because there were no teddy bears.

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