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Added new artists 1.14.06
Author: teddygirl | Saturday January 14, 2006

I Love Teddies added new artists to our artists section. Go to the Teddy Bear Artists section. Here they are in no particular order:

-Burlington Bears by Tania Fish
-Sueyi's Bears by Sueyi Tam
-Holdingham Bears by Barbara Daughtrey
-Ann Made Bears by Ann Reed
-Cooni Bears by Ingrid Finck
-Ellie Bears by Ellie Covell
-Yokko Bears by Fleur Doornbos
-Finhold Gallery
-Lea Bears by Lenie Vesteeg
-Bears from No. 27 by Renate Hanisch
-Marienkafer Baeren by Elke Kienbaum
-Handmade Bears by Lyndee Lou
-Bowjangle Bears by Carol Ann
-Haven Bears by Alison Beal
-Bears N Stitches by Lorraine McLeod
-Honeythorpe Bears by Melissa Toohey
-Bear Bahoochie by Kateri Wilson
-Zizbears by Alicia Collyer
-Teddys by Tallulah by Barb Clevenger
-Bellbowrie Bears by Anita Dickinson
-K P Bear by Lena Burghardt
-Emma's Bears
-Bickerton Bears by Beryle Tidey
-Pandy Potter Bears by Amanda Withington

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