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WARNING for those who buy bears on ebay!
Author: teddygirl | Monday December 12, 2005

Please be aware of fraudulent sellers on ebay.

I Love Teddies wants you to be aware of this. There are some fraudulent sellers on ebay and I Love Teddies doesn't not want any collectors to get scammed! The message below is from Ruth Johnson, the editor of Bears&Buds:

It has come to our attention that a series of what
is believed to be fraudulent auctions, recently
posted on on eBay where sellers are copying
auction notices from authentic teddy bear artists ,
who have items currently up for auction, and offering
these items for sale EVEN THOUGH THE ORIGINAL

The alleged fraudulent auctions are usually one-day
auctions and can include up to "straight lifts from
current legitimate auctions. They often
offer up to 60 original artists' and manufacturers'
teddy bears (primarily Steiff).

The teddy bear artist world is reporting these alleged
fraudulent activities to eBay as quickly as they are found,
but we ask everyone to be vigilant and remember
the old adage about if it looks too good to be true, it
may not be.

Please inspect each auction carefully and if you suspect
illegal activities, report it to eBay or contact any of the
artists whose works are pictured, and ask them if they
have sold a bear to the seller whom you suspect.

One clue to watch for in determining the legitimacy of
any given auction is to check for the type of payment
requested. It appears that most of these alleged
fraudulent auctions are only accepting money transfers
which is a direct transfer from your bank to theirs!

Or, if you do not know how to contact any of the artists
in question, feel free to send me an email and I will forward
it to them as I have most artists' email addresses.

This same type of fraudulent activity is taking place amongst
other collectible such as dolls, so please be aware and examine
all auctions carefully.

Please pass this message onto whatever Yahoo groups to which
you belong or collector friends you may have. We thank you for
your consideration and am sorry that such a notice must be

Ruth Johnson
Editor, Bears&Buds®

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