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Increase in panda births in China
Author: teddygirl | Monday November 28, 2005

A record number of panda births in captivity in China occurred this year. At least 19 pandas were born and have survived in China, and up to 25 pandas throughout the world were born and have survived during the summer’s birthing season.

Chinese scientists have been trying to increase births for this endangered species through artificial insemination for 40 years. The record number of births this year can be attributed to improved artificial insemination techniques and a better understanding of how pandas live and mate.

The State Forestry Administration conducted a survey last year that showed the number of pandas living in the wild increased to approximately 1,590 from 1,100 in the 1980s. This is good news but these numbers still need to increase. Most of these pandas live in the isolated hills of Sichaun, Gansu and Shaanxi provinces. The Chinese government has turned parts of the panda’s habitats into reserves where farming and logging are prohibited.

*Above picture is from World Wildlife Fund's website and the picture is credited to WWF - Canon / Michel Gunther.

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