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San Diego Zoo’s baby panda is named!
Author: teddygirl | Monday November 14, 2005

On November 10th, San Diego Zoo announced the name of its baby girl panda: Su Lin, which means "a little bit of something very cute" in Chinese. This name is appropriate because she is very cute! Chinese tradition says that the baby pandas cannot be named until they are 100 days old. The name “Su Lin” was also the name of the first panda that came to the USA. Su Lin is the daughter of Bai Yun and Gao Gao.

The name Su Lin beat out 4 other choices, which were the following: 1) Bao Bei (second place), which means “precious, priceless, a treasure;” 2) Jiao Mei, which means “sweet and charming;” 3) Jiao Yan, which means “delicate and charming;” and 4) Zhong Da, which means great, important, significant.” The zoo’s Giant Panda team submitted the 5 names and the People’s Republic of China approved them.

Su Lin was born on August 12th and now weighs 10 pounds. She still has trouble standing up and she still has not left the den. Her mother, Bai Yun, does spend time out of the den.

*Above picture is from San Diego Zoo’s website.

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