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Added new artists 11.10.05
Author: teddygirl | Thursday November 10, 2005

I Love Teddies added new artists to our artists section. Go to the Teddy Bear Artists section. Here they are in no particular order:

- Thursday Bears by Dedri Quillin
- Bearkidz by Marion Fraile
- Notchlok Bears by Sandy Czaja
- Charbears by Charlene Draeger
- Bear-faced Lies by Charlotte Deadman
- The Studio by Pam Moller
- Westie Bears by Andy West
- Keuns and Bears by Karin Peire
- Teds from Threads by Debi McCarthy
- Under the Apple Tree by Susan Arnot
- Cala Bear Den by Carola Lange
- Teddy Bears by Karen Upcott
- Lovebud Bears
- Renee's Bears and Other Things by Renee Casey
- Teddy Kingdom by Lena Volkova
- Patsy Lake Bears by Patsy Lake
- Yosemite Bearworks by Donna Butts
- Kingston Bears by Susie James
- Out 'N About Bears by Helen Colvin
- Benjamin Bears by Sarah and Tom Bodfish
- Little Bloomers by Carrie Attwood
- Bambridge Bears
- Jare Hare and Bears by Jared Monroe
- Debonaire Bears by Marie McDermott

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