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Added new artists 9.2.05
Author: teddygirl | Friday September 02, 2005

I Love Teddies added new artists to our artists section. Go to the Teddy Bear Artists section. Here they are in no particular order:

CC Bears by Cindy Cherry
Bearlyville Bears by Vicki-Lynn Smith
Studio 70 by Loris Hancock
RaspBearies by Kristine Holmberg
Coco Bears by Keirra Marshall
Beary Loveable Bears by Karyn Ford
Teasdale Bears by Michelle Pike
Southsea Bears by Diane Gale
Carnaby Bears by Naomi Watkins
Maggie-J Bears by Hilary Johnston
Dari Laut Bears by Patricia Anne Banks
Dragonslair Bears by Jackie Ryan
Doodlebears by Jane Martin
Albion Bears by Suzanne Lee
Personality Plus Bears by Mary-ann Hobman
Caya's Cubs by Catherine Kirkwood
Just Us Bears by Hayley Justice
Monica's Attic Treasures by Monica Spicer
Paws N Time by Patricia Woliver
Paws Four A Hug by Gay Moller
Gosfield Bears by Barbara Kerry
Artist Bears by Rosalie Carpio
Bears from the Boot by Lisa Pianigiani
Gizmo Bears by Diane Bester
Scallywag Bears
Teddy Bear Junxion by Lynette Glass
Gooseberry Bears by Ricky Smit
Louise Bears by Louise Calitz
Inge Bears by Ingrid Els
Dolores Bears by Demuynck Maria-Dolores
Arthur Bears
Mini Bear Hugs by Eiman Alawi
Pijangi Bears by Birgitte Nemler
Marian Bear by Marian Haarink-Getkate
Noursik by Alexandra Rouvet-Duvernoy
Ingrid Teddy Bears
Huwi Bears by Corinne Locher
Wisdom Bears by MacGranthin
Heather Jayne Designs
Hugs Unlimited by Dawn James
Bells Stuff by Sheryl D'Ath
Lillipilly Bears by Tracey Milligan
Eastcape Bears by Kit Mills
BlueBeary Bears by Angie Züffle
Capt-e-vating Bears by Lesly Catsicadellis
Elaine G. Bears by Elaine Greenwood
Happy Hug by Viky Petermann
Penny Bears by Penny Pienaar
Elimae Bears by Elin Anstey
Elk's Bears by Lynne Chandony
Marylea Bears by Mary-Anne Cardoso
Polly Bears by Mabel Watts
Walker Bears by Liz Walker-Watts
3 Bears by Frances Van Der Westhuizen
Mossie Bears by Cheryl Moss
Tina's Teddies
Kitzbühel Bears by Elisabeth Werner
Peng Peng Bears by Peng Peng
Sambrook Bears by Mandy Sambrook
Black Forest Bears by Rita Drolet
Timpe Baer by Monika Timpe
Bück-Bären by Irene Bück
Barenliebe Teddys
Beate Bears by Beate Rusch-Nann
Cubcakes Miniature Teddy Bears by Nancy McNally
Brewer's Bruins by Andrea Brewer
Maja's Bears by Maja Hansen
Bertie Bear by Christine Price and Helen Parker
Paws by Paulette by Paulette Boomsma
Saras Bears by Sarah Woods
Enchanted Bears by Sue Yale
Dufeu Bear by Eva & Günter Dufeu
Woodbee Bears by Melanie Ann Lunn
Toggle Teddies
Sycamore Bears by Nicky Bacon
Starlite Bears by Anne Russell
Dusty Bear by Penny Kayes
Jabelow Bears by Faye Low
Jac-Q-Lyn Bears by Jacqui Ellerton
Bears-a-Bruin by Helena Cowell
Gotobed Bears by Penny J Davis
Floridian Bears
Bumpkin Bears by Catherine Young
Back Road Bears by Daphne Blau
Vera Bears by Vera Matic
Bears in Miniature by Vicki Farmilo
Chris and Mag's Bears by Mae Bond and Christine Demund-Bond
Wazza Bears by Peta Smart
Lanctot's Loveables by Rhonda-Lynne Lanctot
Delartful Bears by Danni Whatford
Wahm Bearz and Friendz by Debbie Skarupa
Luv2Huggle Bears
Sarah's Bruins by Sarah Jane Cousins
Patricia Bruce Bears by Patricia Bruce
Cross Foot Bears
Bruijntje Bear Designs by Liesbeth de Bruijn
Fairywood Bears by Sabine Schmidt
Issy Bears by Carole Richardson
Beatrix Bears by Beatrix Harries
Brotherwood Bears by Sue Brotherwood
Bohemian-Bears by Amy Young
MamaLeone's Baerenland by Marion Pietzker
Mutz's Tootsz by Amy Thornton
Caro Baeren by Carola Herbst
Acid Attic Bears by Marion Klein
Majon Bär by Marion Krauskopf
Koboldbären by Yvette Ditscher
Hummelbears by Roswitha Ploen
Petra Plaas Designs by Petra Plaas
Tatty Ted by Noreen Rozwadowski
Bears by Beesley by Garnet and Louise Carrick
Polle-Bären by Solvey Pfeifer
Lauhon Originals by Susan Lauhon
Galli Bear Collection by Vivianne Galli
Kessi-Baeren by Karin u. Bernd Hagemeister
Honey Bears by Andrea Schröder
Tewi Bar by Doris Thewes
Schnuffi-Bären by Liana Scherrer
A.S. Baren by Anika Stolzenberger
Hotzenbaerle by Beate Eisenberg
Bearlissimo Bears by Nam Dinnar
Clancy Bears by Jan Clancy
Sally Anne Bears
Lazy Bears by Sabine Patzschke
Calvina Walsh Miniature Teddy Bears by Calvina Walsh
Brookside Bears by Sharyn and David Hutchins
Danielynne Bears by Bonnie Stafford
WildBearies by Marti Koeppe
Jane Perala Teddies by Jane Perala
Cath Wood Teddies by Cath Wood
Teddies by Laura Lynn
Kitzbühel Bears by Elisabeth Werner
BriPa-Bären by Brigitte Paul
Shar Bear's Lair by Shari Murphy
Kiprie Bears by Marie Diane Okamura
Pinney Bears by Margaret Jackson
Twin Cubs by Lisa Bunting Thoms
Rufnut Teddy's by Karen Salton
Potbelly Bears by Shelli Heinemann
Bears By Tammy Wamboldt
Past Time Bears by Sue Ann Holcomb
Kim-Bee Bears by Kimberly Bonsall
Bears by Davis-Tedds by Clare Davis-Tedd
Draffin Bears by Carolyn Green
Bears n Bows by Kirsten Evans
Terrie's Bears by Terrie Kalaputas
Canna Bear Paint by Margaret Mount-Zimmerman and Kelly Zimmerman
Bear Paws by Roxanne Propp

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