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Hurricane Katrina
Author: teddygirl | Tuesday August 30, 2005

Here is what Hurricane Katrina was like when it hit South Florida as a Category 1 storm. I Love Teddies' heart goes out to those affected by this storm. May God bless them.

I Love Teddies' heart goes out to those affected by Hurricane Katrina. May God bless them.

Below is what it was like when Hurricane Katrina hit our area as a Category 1 storm.

Hurricane Katrina
August 25: I Love Teddies is in the path of this storm and the teddies will try to update you on what is happening as long as we have power. The storm is expected to be a minimal Category 1 hurricane when it makes landfall tonight.

2:15 pm: Just some rain right now. Some gusts but nothing out of the ordinary. We saw the ocean picking up and the waves are about 5-6 feet as of noon (we don't normally have big waves in South Florida).

3:15 pm: Gusts are becoming a little more consistent, but they're not constant. Theyre maybe 35 mph now. The center is about 30 miles away.

4:15 pm: It's now a hurricane. Our power has flickered a couple of times. The wind is pretty gusty - I heard on the news around 43 mph.

5:15 pm: The wind is pretty consistent with big gusts. The center is about 25 miles south/southeast of us. We've had reports of gusts of 64 miles here. We're having sustained tropical storm winds. A small tree outside our window just cracked down the middle.

6:15 pm: The eye is expected to make landfall in the next hour or two; however, our local news said it looks like the center is hitting land now. A heavy band is about to hit us in the next 10 minutes, the news just reported. We're getting big gusts and rain.

7:45 pm: The eye hit south of us, which is good for us but bad for those south. We had some hurricane force winds and heavy rains since the last update. It's a little calmer, but it's still raining and big gusts.

9:30 pm: There are still some gusts and rain, but not as bad as earlier. Many people in the area are without power. There are some gusts of >90 mph. There are some areas that could have 20 inches of rain. It is dark so we won't know about damage until the morning. This is the last update for tonight.

August 26: The storm has passed, but we are still getting rain off and on from some outer bands. The damage is my area is just small trees down and branches (I suspect many weak trees were knocked down during the 2 hurricanes that hit our area last year - Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne) and some flooded areas. South of here is flooding in some parts, some structual damage, and trees down. Over 1 million people do not have power and many do not have phones that are working.

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