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Boyds Bear Country
Author: teddygirl | Sunday August 28, 2005

Here is a review of my trip to Boyds Bear Country.

I just went to Boyds Bear Country (BBC) at the beginning of August. The store is outside of Gettysburg, PA. BBC claims to be the “world’s most humongous teddy bera store.” When you drive around the corner, the red barn springs up in front of you out of the green hills. The building is huge – it has to be because there are 70,000 furry friends in there. There are even paw prints painted on the parking lot surface. When you walk in the building, it’s a little overwhelming, but you can get a map in the front (it must be big if they printed a map!).

There are 3 floors of furry friends and another floor where you can eat when you get hungry from all of that shopping. To the left is a museum about how the company began (the Head Bean began making duck decoys – who knew?) and early products. Also to the left are a section of figurines, a Nascar section and a Civil war section (BBC is just outside of Gettysburg and near historic Civil War battlefields). In the middle is a large atrium with high ceilings and a large stone fireplace. There was a live band playing (I think it’s just there on the weekends). To the right are an American section of patriotic bears, a section for our heroes in the military, and a farming section (we are in farming country). At the front of the barn is a mini store where you can purchase BBC items. Throughout the barn there are bears that you can only purchase from BBC (and some of those furry friends came home with me).

The second floor has a year-round Christmas section, a Boyds at Home section, a place to get your picture taken (your face on a Boyds bear), various displays (ladybug bears, watermelon bears, etc.), a stream with a bridge with bears hanging out, Noah’s ark with pairs of animals, and a place to get your bears’ sweaters personalized.

The third floor has a nursery where you can adopt newborn cubs, a baby room full of baby items, a college bear section where you can pick up your favorite college bear, a section to make your own bear called Super Duper Bear Factory (you choose the bear, select which color beans to stuff it with, and name and dress your bear), a stationary/greeting card section with scrapbooking items, and the FOB lounge (I had to use a secret code to get in; I also got an FOB pin).

The bottom floor has food for those who are hungry (don’t worry - there is more than just honey). You can get sandwiches, pizza, salads, ice cream, candy, etc. I also saw a place where you can have birthday parties.

There is so much to look at so definitely set aside a lot of time to explore if you go. They really put a lot of detail into the displays. There are different activities throughout the year at BBC, but we didn’t happen to be there at one of those times.

I did have one big complaint – I had to leave!

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