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Disney Doll and Teddy Bear Convention 2003 - A Collector's view
Author: chrissie | Sunday December 28, 2003

This is a review of the 2003 Disney Doll and Teddy Bear Convention from the perspective of a collector.

The Disney Doll and Teddy Bear Convention weekend goes by too fast; as soon as we get there, it seems like it’s time to go home. Like last year, the 2003 convention ran from Friday, December 5 to Sunday, December 7. We attended Friday and Saturday. Sunday was open to the public. The convention was held in the World Showplace (old Millennium building) in Epcot.


We checked in Friday morning and picked our numbers. The number determined the order that we could get in to the private sale on Saturday. I was number 265 out of 300 :( Our gift for attending was a cute blanket with the 2003 convention logo. We enjoyed Epcot and Magic Kingdom for the rest of the day. From 4:30 to 6 pm, we enjoyed the Artist/Guest reception, where artists and guests mingled. At 6 pm, we saw the bears! Everyone has a limited edition piece specifically for the convention, and many have a one-of-a-kind auction piece. Of course, we couldn’t buy anything yet. We tried to figure which ones to buy. After the social, we watched Illuminations (a fireworks and laser display) from a private area at Towers plaza, which is between Canada and Mexico. I’ve seen this show many times before, but it is still spectacular every time. After the show and before Saturday morning, we had to decide what to buy – yikes! This is not an easy decision.


Let the fun begin! We had to be at the World Showplace between 8:15 and 9 am to line up. At 9 am, the doors opened. Since I was number 265, many others had already gone in before me. In the first entry, guests could only buy one limited edition bear each. Before going in, cast members gave each guest a large bag to hold our bears. After I showed my card with my number on it, I ran in. Guests were definitely in a hurry and I was no exception. You don’t mess around when it comes to bears! After guests pick up their pieces, they must get the artists to mark their sheets showing they received a limited edition bear. After I gathered my bears, I went to cashier. My fiancé was number 129 so he grabbed some of the bears for me. Each limited edition piece comes with a Disney pin that you can only get when you buy a bear. The Disney logo store opened after the first entry. In the second entry, I think you could buy up to 5 limited edition pieces.

My purchases:
Big Al by Steiff: He looks different than other Steiff bears; he is more cartoon-like. This character has been around for many years. Big Al looks better in person and definitely grows on you. He comes with his guitar pin and is very furry. I like all his gray hair. He wears a black hat and a red vest.

Muffy Steamboat Willie, Pooh and Donald Duck: I bought all three Muffy bears, and they are cute. Steamboat Willie does not look like a usual Muffy piece because she is in black, white and gray. Muffy has a white mohair head and a black mohair body, which is a first for her. She wears gray velour pants with two white buttons and a black satin tail with matching gray velour boots. She also has a gray hat that sits on top of a black mohair hood with ears. Muffy is not alone – she has a bird on her left hand and holds hands with a cat. I can’t remember the names of the bird and the cat, but I remember them from the Steamboat Willie cartoon. Muffy Pooh wears a Pooh costume and carrys a hunny pot with three bees buzzing around. Muffy Donald Duck wears – what else?! – a Donald costume. Her blue top has a red bowtie and yellow trim. Her hat is blue and she has yellow socks. She holds a Donald Duck mask in her left hand.

Cole by Sandy’s Bearly Bruins: My fiancé bought her bear last year and I bought her bear this year. He was not impressive in the picture, but he is really cute in person. He wears a red night shirt and cap and holds a tin candle holder. He also holds a red, white and blue pillow with the year 2003 printed on it. He is made of curly, light gold mohair.

Snuffles by Dean’s: He has a sweet face like some of Dean’s other bears. He was made to celebrate 100 years of Dean’s. He is made of beige medium pile mohair and is sculpted to look like an old man. The hair on his face does make him look like an old man.

Betsy by Bear Feet: I couldn’t resist this patriotic bear. Her dress is red and white stripes with blue and white stars. She holds a flag and wears a red bow in her hair. She is made of gold mohair and has black eyes.

Lunch was served at 12:30 pm. After lunch, characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto were walking around. That silly dog Pluto was begging for food at the dessert table. Pluto acts just like one of my dogs – they’re both always hungry! The auction began at 3:30 pm. The auction is always interesting. Here are some prices that pieces sold for:
Sandy’s Bearly Bruins: $600
Babcock Bears: $800
Canterbury Bears: $1250 and $1400
Steiff: $11,500
Busser Bears: $450
Merrythought: $5000
Zucker Bears: $800
Bear Feet: $850
Mama LuBear: $675
Deans: $525
Heir Bears: $850

At 6:15 pm, we watched the Candlelight Processional from a special area for package guests. The Processional is a retelling of the Christmas story along with songs. A celebrity narrates, an orchestra plays and a choir sings. After the Processional, we enjoyed Epcot.

Unfortunately, the weekend goes by too fast. I had fun and brought a lot of new furry friends home with me.

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