Bear Buzz brings you interviews with those in the teddy bear world. Read about Joanne Livingston of Desert Mountain Bear by clicking here.

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I Love Teddies supports our troops. May they return home safely and may God bless them.

May 4th is National Day of Prayer. Take time with your teddies to pray

May 6th is No Diet Day. That means that teddies can have lots of honey! But be careful that they dont make themselves sick!

May 8th is Mothers Day. Be sure to spend time with your mom. Tell teddies not to forget their furry moms.

May 13th is Friday the 13th. Make sure you and your teddies are careful.

May 19th is Plant Something Day. You and your teddies can plant flowers, a bush, etc. together - its good for the environment and you can spend time together.

May 21st is Armed Forces Day. Take time to appreciate our heroes who serve our country so well!

May 30th is Memorial Day. Make sure you and your teddies take time to remember all the soldiers who gave their lives to make our country great! Be sure to wear red, white and blue.

Family month begins in the middle of May. Be sure to spend time with your family - both furry and non-furry!

May is Military Appreciation month. Make sure you and your teddies appreciate all the sacrifices our military men and women make. We salute them!

May is Get Caught Reading month. Curl up with a good book or magazine and read with your teddies. Looking for some beary good titles? Check out the Publications/Media section.

May is Physical Fitness and Sports month. Have your teddies been eating too much honey? Make sure they exercise.

May is Bike month. Take a bike ride with your teddies. Theyll being outdoors and hanging out with you.

Every month is a great time to find out how to help real bears. Go to the Organizations page and the How to Help page under the Real Bear Links section.

Please help improve I Love Teddies by taking our survey. Go to the survey section.

We found a great site on the net called Teddy-Bears.Org. This is an excellent resource for artists and collectors.

"One of the largest Resources for Teddy and Real Bears"
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