Teddy Bear Resources

Here is a list of teddy bear resources.

Oursement Votre,the teddy bear search engine

123 Greetings
Free teddy bear e-cards

Bear Artists Worldwide
Visual Guide to Teddy Bear Artists.

Directory of teddy bear artists.

Online Teddy Bear Magazine

Everything you ever wanted to know about teddy bears...
but were afraid to ask. Shelli from Potbelly Bears made this useful site.

North Country Teddy Bears
Artist galleries, online classes, and more.

Retired Swarovski
Swarovski crystal resource to explore discontinued crystal figurines, retirements, and ornaments

Teddy Bear Artists
Artist gallery, links, free graphics, history, free stuff.

Teddy Bear Collecting- It's not just for kids
Laura from Teddies by Laura Lynn made this site.

Teddy Bear Directory of Canada
A Candadian resource for collectors and artists.

Teddy Bear Guide by Star Costumes

A great resource site for teddy bear artists and collectors.

The Bear Club - What's Your Teddy Bear Done Today?
Create profiles and blogs for your bears, forums, news, videos, competitions, and more.

The Great Teddy Bear Hug
Links for retailers, clubs, magazines, books, artists.

University of E-Bearz
Learn how to make teddy bears online.

Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski
Insurance reference guides for Swarovski crystal

Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Online
Online version of information of the printed books of Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski

"One of the largest Resources for Teddy and Real Bears"
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