I Love Teddies is the largest source for teddy bears and real bears on the Internet.

I have been collecting teddies for as long as I can remember. I can never remember not loving them. I am in my 20s, and I was married in 2004. Luckily, my husband has grown to love my bears. I have around 500+ bears (rough estimate - I have not counted them). I have 3 shelves of bear figurines and many books about teddy and real bears. I also have a lot of things with bears on it such as blankets, pillow, coffee mugs, steins, pictures, jewelry etc.

Also, I love real bears. I have only seen 3 real bears in the wild in national parks in the USA and Canada but many others in zoos. I support saving all species of bears and their habitats. Bears are beautiful and majestic animals and we should support them.

I made this site so people could find updated information about bears in one place. Also, I wanted to get bear lovers interested in learning about and helping real bears. After all, we would not have teddy bears without real bears!

I am not a computer expert, but I made this site with an easy to use web based application called DE Web from Digital
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All I need is internet access to work on this site.
I Love Teddies has a lot of information for bear lovers so take some time to explore it.

Check out our ad on page 66 in the April 2006 issue of Teddy Bear Review. Also check out I Love Teddies in the December 2009 and the June 2004 issue of Teddy Bear Review magazine. I Love Teddies is on page 64.

Chrissie and her teddies

"One of the largest Resources for Teddy and Real Bears"
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