Teddy Bear Books

The Ultimate Teddy Bear Book
by Pauline Cockrill
Dorling Kindersley, Inc.
ISBN 1879431068

Teddy Bears
by Philippa and Peter Waring
Treasure Press
ISBN 0907812910

The Teddy Bear Encyclopedia
by Pauline Cockrill
Barnes and Noble Books
ISBN 0760715645

Teddy Bear Centennial Book
by Linda Mullins
Hobby House Press
ISBN 0875886132

A Tale of Two Teddies: The First Teddy Bears Tell Their True Stories
by Kathleen Bart
Portfolio Press
ISBN 0942620518

Teddy's World
by Mirja de Vries and Joost Elfers
Joost Elfers Books LLC
ISBN 0971897506

Teddy Bears
by Marc Hoberman and Leyla Maniera
Gerald Hoberman Publications
ISBN 1919734341

In Search of Teddy
by Joan Greene
Hobby House Press
ISBN 0875886175

Christie's Century of Teddy Bears
by Leyla Maniera
Watson-Guptill Publications
ISBN 082300645X

Collecting Teddy Bears
by Sally Taylor
Todtri Productions
ISBN 1577170040

A Gift Book of Teddy Bears
Illustrated by Rosalie Upton
Crescent Books
ISBN 0517121247

Teddy Bear Stories for Grown-Ups
Compiled by Catherine Taylor
Fulcrum Publishing
ISBN 1555911927

Teddy Bears with a Past
by Nancy Tillberg
Krause Publications
ISBN 0873418565

The World's Most Lovable Bears
by Stephen L. Cronk
Portfolio Press
ISBN 0942620364

The Teddy Bear Sourcebook
by Argie Manolis
Betterway Books
ISBN 1558703861

The Teddy Bear Men 2nd Edition: Theodore Roosevelt and Clifford Berryman
by Linda Mullins
Hobby House Press
ISBN 0875886310

2nd Tribute to Teddy Bear Artists
by Linda Mullins
Hobby House Press
ISBN 087588427X

Teddy Bear Philosophy: Things My Teddy Bear Taught Me About Life, Love and the Pusuit of Happiness
by Susan E. Schwartz
Andrews and McMeel
ISBN 0836267842

Linda Mullins' Teddy Bear and Friends Identification and Price Guide
by Linda Mullins
Hobby House Press
ISBN 0875885802

Teddy Bear Hall of Fame: A Century of Historic Bears
by Michele Brown
Headline Book Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN 074727763X

American Teddy Bear Encyclopedia
by Linda Mullins
Hobby House Press
ISBN 0875884326

A Celebration of Steiff: Timeless Toys for Today
by Krystyna Poray Goddu and Walter Pfeiffer
Portfolio Press
ISBN 0942620194

2nd Muffy Identification and Price Guide
by Ann Gehlbach
Hobby House Press
ISBN 087588590X

Teddy Bears and Stuffed Animals: Hermann Teddy Originals, 1913-1998
by Milton R. Friedberg
Schiffer Publishing
ISBN 0764309331

Buying and Selling Teddy Bears Price Guide
by Doris and Terry Michaud
Portfolio Press
ISBN 0942620380

Boyds Bears and Friends 2000 Collector's Value Guide
Checkerbee Publishing
ISBN 18888914769

Collector Steiff Values
by Peter Consalvi
Hobby House Press
ISBN 0875884474

Boyds Plush Animals
Checkerbee Publishing
ISBN 1585981435

Steiff Identification and Price Guide
by Linda Mullins
Hobby House Press

Teddy Bears and Steiff Animals: First Series
by Margaret Fox Mandel
Collector Books
ISBN 0891452672

Restoring Teddy Bears and Stuffed Animals
by Christel and Rolf Pistorius
Portfolio Press
ISBN 0942620348

The ABC's of Making Teddy Bears
by Linda Mullins
Hobby House Press
ISBN 1564773329

Teddy Bear Art: How to Design and Make Teddy Bears
by Jennifer Laing
Hobby House Press
ISBN 0875885179

A Bear of My Own: Manual for Bearmaking and Designing
by Rotraud Illisch
Hobby House Press
ISBN 0875885446

The Complete Book of Teddy Bear Making Techniques
by Alicia Merrett and Ann Stephens
Running Press Book Publishers
ISBN 0762403497

Teddy Bears: Twenty-Five Irrestible Designs for Knitted Bears
by Debbie Bliss
St. Martin's Press
ISBN 0312170424

The Ultimate Handbook for Making Teddy Bears
by Linda Mullins
Hobby House Press
ISBN 0875885187

Bearmaking 101: An Ins"Bear"ational Course
by Carol-Lynn Rossel Waugh
Sterling Publications
ISBN 0806913738

Classic Teddy Bear Designs: Heirlooms to Make and Dress
by Estelle Ansley-Worrell
Hobby House Press
ISBN 0875882838

Creating Miniature Teddy Bears
by Linda Mullins
Hobby House Press
ISBN 0875885845

Making Lovable Teddy Bears and Their Clothes
by Marion Thielmann and Beate Franz
Sterling Publications
ISBN 0806997133

Making Adorable Teddy Bears: From Anita Louise's Bearlace Cottage
by Anita Louise Crane
Sterling Publications
ISBN 0806909935

Making Traditional Teddy Bears: Featuring 12 Collectible Designs
by Brian and Donna Gibbs
David and Charles
ISBN 0715304313

Whimsical Teddy Bears: 15 Patterns and Design Techniques
by Neysa A. Phillippi
Portfolio Press
ISBN 0942620488

Two-Hour Teddy Bears
by Anita Louise Crane
Sterling Publications
ISBN 0806938005

I Am The Quigglebush Bear
by Susan Eileen Walker
Publish America
ISBN 1424118883

Bears I'd Like to Meet!: A Bear’s-Eye View of 101 Notable Figures in History
by Barbara Boehm
HNB Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9728061-7-6

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