Real Bear Books

Bears of the World
by Terry Domico
Facts on File
ISBN 0816015368

The Secret World of Pandas
by Byron Preiss and Gao Xueyu
Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
ISBN 081092457

by Joseph P. Griffith
Gallery Books
ISBN 0495301X

Bears: Polar Bears, Black Bears and Grizzly Bears
by Deborah Hodge
General Distribution Services, Inc.
ISBN 1550743554

Among Grizzlies
by Timothy Treadwell and Jewel Palovak
Ballantine Books, Inc.
ISBN 0345426053

The Way of the Grizzly
by Tom Walker
Voyageur Press, Inc.
ISBN 0896584038

Grizzly Country
by Andy Russell
Globe Pequot Press
ISBN 1585740241

Grizzly Almanac
by Robert H. Busch
Globe Pequot Press
ISBN 1585741434

The Grizzly Bear
by Thomas McNamee
Lyons Press
ISBN 1558216103

The Biography of a Grizzly and 75 Drawings
by Ernest Thompson Seton
Stevens Publishing
ISBN 1885529023

Grizzlies in the Wild
by Kennan Ward
Northwood Press, Inc.
ISBN 1559714255

Learning to Talk Bear: So Bears Can Listen
by Roland Cheek
Skyline Publishing
ISBN 0918981026

Grizzly Bears
by Janice Parker
Raintree Steck-Vaughn
ISBN 0739816829

Walking With Bears
by Terry D. Debryn
Lyons Press
ISBN 1558216421

Among the Bears: Raising Orphan Cubs in the Wild
by Benjamin Kilham and Ed Gray
Henry Holt and Co.
ISBN 0805069194

Black Bear
by Tom and Pat Leeson
Blackbirch Press
ISBN 1567113435

A Shadow in the Forest: Idaho's Black Bear
by John J. Beecham and Jeff Rohlman
University of Idaho Press
ISBN 089301172X

Alaska's Bears: Grizzlies, Black Bears and Polar Bears
by Bill Sherwonit and Tom Walker
Alaska's Northwest Books
ISBN 0882404997

Spirit Bear: Encounters With the White Bear of the Western Rainforest
by Charles and Andy Russell
Key Porter Books
ISBN 1550136496

Ecology and Behaviour of North American Black Bears
by Roger A. Powell, J.W. Zimmerman and D.E. Seaman
Klumer Academic Pub
ISBN 0412579901

Summers With the Bears
by Jack Becklund
Hyperion Books
ISBN 0786863935

Where Black Bears Roar
by Ruth M. Covault
Northland Pub
ISBN 0873586557

Polar Dance: Born of the North Wind
by Thomas D. Mangelson and Fred Bruemmer
Images of Nature
ISBN 1890310034

Klondike and Snow: The Denver Zoo's Remarkable Story of Raising Two Polar Bear Cubs
by David Kenny, Cynthia Bickel and Dennis Roling
ISBN 1570980594

The World of the Polar Bear
by Nobert Rosing
Firefly Books Ltd.
ISBN 155209068X

The Last Panda
by George B. Schaller
University of Chicago Press
ISBN 0226736288

The Great Bear Almanac
by Gary Brown
Lyons Press
ISBN 1558214747

The Bears of Katmai: Alaska's Famous Brown Bears
by Matthias Breiter
Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company
ISBN 1558685448

The Grizzly in the Southwest
by David E. Brown
University of Oklahoma
ISBN 0806128801

The Brown Bear: Giant of the Mountains
by Valerie Tracqui
Demco Media
ISBN 0606132309

Bears: Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Asian Black Bear: Distribution, Ecology, Use and Protection
by M.A. Vaisfeld
International Scholars Publications
ISBN 502003567X

Alaska Bear Tales
by Larry Kaniut
Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company
ISBN 0882402323

More Alaska Bear Tales
by Larry Kaniut
Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company
ISBN 0882403729

Some Bears Kill
by Larry Kaniut
Safari Press, Inc.
ISBN 1571570608

Bear Tales for the Ages: From Alaska and Beyond
by Larry Kaniut
Paper Talk
ISBN 0970953704

Lives of Grizzlies: Montana and Wyoming
by Jim Cole
Farcountry Press
ISBN 1560373008

Lives of Grizzlies: Alaska
by Jim Cole
Farcountry Press
ISBN 1560372990

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