Teddy Bear Artists: U-Z

Woodbury Park Bears by Raewyn Todd

Jan's Tiddy Bears

Minkitzbaeren by Claudia

Unigon Specialties by Denise Vasecka

Ursa Minor by Shelley K. Bossert

Uschi's Teddy-baren by Ursula Pfister

Valdorf Bears by Petra Valdorf

Valewood Bears by Pauline Wood

Van Antwerp Bears by Jessica Van Antwerp

Velvet Bears by Jenny Duerinckx

Vera Bears by Vera Matic

Vintage Blooms by Nancy Robicheau

Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers

Visions of Rapture by Geri Tucker

Waggle Bears by Marlys Waggle

Wahm Bearz and Friendz by Debbie Skarupa

Walkabout Bears by Susan Hatton

Walker Bears by Liz Walker-Watts

Walnut Tree Corner Bears by Gail Parsons

Wanderer Bears by Joan Walklett

Warren Bears by Melanie Warren

Wayneston Bears by Wayne Lim

Wazza Bears by Peta Smart

Wee Bears by Joanne Noel

Wee Scone Bears

Wellfield Bears by Janice Waters

Wellwood Bears by Ruth Dickinson

Wendy Bears by Wendy Koutlis

Westie Bears by Andy West

What Else But Bears by Linda Henry

Whendi's Bears by Wendy Meagher

White Forest Bears by Erin Ellis

Wild Creek Bears by Berneice Lucker

Wild Thyme Originals by Kim Basta

WildBearies by Marti Koeppe

Wilde and Woolly Bears by Terry L. Spear

Williams Bears

Winklemoor Bears by Elaine Morgan

Wisdom Bears by Rita MacGranthin

Woodbee Bears by Melanie Ann Lunn

Woodbury Park Bears by Raewyn Todd

Woodland Teddies by Rita Harwood

Woodrow Bears

Woodstock Woolly Bears

Wyngarth Bears by Pat Bell

YesterYear Design by Jan Nethercutt

Yokko Bears by Fleur Doornbos

Yosemite Bearworks by Donna Butts

Young Bears by Lorraine Young

Yoyo Bears by Yolanda Levy

Zada Creations by Patricia Knight

Zizbears by Alicia Collyer

Zucker Bears by Barbara Sixby

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