Teddy Bear Artists: T

3 Bears by Frances Van Der Westhuizen

3 O'Clock Bears by Jenny Johnson

Les Troubad'Ours

Tabby's Bears by Jean Gadano

Tag Along Teddies by Kris and Scott Meares

Tailored Teddies by Elizabeth Mowatt

Tammy Bears by Tammy Hendricks

Tania's Tiny Teddies by Tania Gallaghan

Tatty Ted by Noreen Rozwadowski

Tea Time Teddies by Sally Farrell

Teasdale Bears by Michelle Pike

Teddies by Laura Lynn

Teddy Bear Chaser

Teddy Bear Mine by Ev Canham

Teddy Bear Ranch by Charlotte Hargrave

Teddy Bears by Karen Upcott

Teddy Kingdom by Lena Volkova

Teddy's Garden by Nancy Jarnick

Teddybears Sweden by Jennie Sandahl

Teddystyle by Janet Clark

Teds from Threads by Debi McCarthy

Tenderfoot Bears by Vivienne Jones

Terrie's Bears by Terrie Kalaputas

Tewi Bar by Doris Thewes

The A.L.M. Studio

The Bear Basket by Sharon Dressman

The Bear Behind by Jann Dring

The Bear Essentials by Carol Mellor

The Bear Joint by Linda J. Dahl

The Bear Lady by Monty and Joe Sours

The Bear Menagerie by Debbi Henretty

The Bears of Carrollton by Ellen Sotos

The Bears of Hazelwood Forest by Ted and Nancy Peterson

The Beary Patch by Lorraine A. Commins

The Button Box by Donna Steele

The Creative Efforts of Christopher and Nancy Edmunds

The Gould and Snook Toy Co. by Elisabeth Lugar

The Little Joe Bear Company by Mike and Lisa Cheney

The MAD Hatted Bear

The Patchwork Ark by Carolyn

The Peach Peddler

The Piece Parade by Ginger Brame

The Pleasant Ridge Collection by Peggy Fleming

The Schneck Bears by Janet Schneck

The Squire's Bears by Trish Pilon

The Studio by Pam Moller

The Tattered Teddy by Denise Myers

The Thing About Bears by Sam Glanville

The World of AD Bears

This Little Bear by April Dawn Miller

Those D.A.M. Bears by Debbie Madden

Thread Teds by Berta Hesen-Minten

Thready Bears by Sue Aucoin

Tiffany O'Bears by Tiffany Parr

Tillington Bears by Tilly

Timeless Expressions by Diana Lee Palomba

Timpe Baer by Monika Timpe

Tina's Teddies

TinyBear by Tina Jensen

Tinybears by Mindi L. Koudella

Toad Hollow Farm by Joyce Smith

Toadbriar by Kim Parkhurst

Toggle Teddies

Touki Bears by Hanle Otto

Trunk Bears by Bette Carter

Tucker Teddies by Paulette Tucker

Tudor Rose Bears by Marjorie C. Fairbairn

Tuppies Teddies

Twilight Teds by Tracey James

Twin Cubs by Lisa Bunting Thoms

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